Zhukov: Plushenko should be selected to Russian team only according to sports rules


The figure skater is a two-time Olympic champion: in 2006 he clinched single gold and in 2014 he became first in the team competition.

Evgeni Plushenko is a great skater, but he should be selected to the Russian team only according to sports rules, considers President of the Russian Olympic Committee, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Alexander Zhukov. He told that TASS during celebrations of the 80th anniversary of the sports society "Spartak", which took place in "Luzhniki".

32-year-old Plushenko officially announced his comeback to sports on Friday.

"Let's see whether Evgeni will shine. Still, a sports principle is in the first place. If he shows the level of the time he was a champion, he will certainly become a team member. But I repeat, we must adhere to sports rules," commented Zhukov.

"Plushenko is a great athlete. I approve his decision to return," he added.

Text and pictures by TASS