Vitaly Mutko: FUR and Capello should resolve salary problems


“I’ll tell to the both sides: sit down and resolve the problem,” said the Russian Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko.

The Russian Football Union (FUR) and the national football team head coach Fabio Capello have to manage the salary problem.

“It’s a technical and simple procedure. Suffice it to say that Fabio is paid on the 5th day of every month; they examine the current currency exchange rate and sign a protocol. Then the sum is counted and paid. I want to tell the same to the both sides: sit down and resolve the problem,” said Mutko.

Earlier Capello’s agent, his son Pier-Filippo, stated that the FUR “tries to cheat”, considering the wrong exchange rate while giving a salary to the head coach.

The FUR hasn’t been paying Fabio Capello and the national team head manager, Oreste Cinquini, from June 2014. At the beginning of February the FUR promised to pay off the debt. For that a Russian businessman, Alisher Usmanov, gave the Union a soft loan in an amount of 400 million rubles (nearly $6.4 million).

Text and pictures by TASS