Vanishing spray to use in Russian Football Premier League


“The Russian Football Union hasn’t bought vanishing spray yet, but we’re waiting for it,” said Alexey Spirin, the Head of the FUR’s inspectorial committee.

Vanishing spray balloons approved by the Russian Premier League will be used in mid spring.

A referee uses vanishing spray to mark the position where the defensive wall should stand at a free kick or an indirect free kick. He also marks the position of the ball. The line is easily visible on the grass and disappears within a minute.

In October the FUR approved the usage of such sprays in the Russian League. Vanishing sprays are supposed to be used in mid spring. The Russian Championships starts on March 7 with the matches of the 18th round.

“Spray balloons are not bought, we’re still waiting for that. I think we won’t use the spray in the 1st round; it will be possible only in spring. Many people and organizations wanted to help us with that, in particular, the Russian Premier League, but only FUR is responsible for buying the spray,” stated Spirin.

The thing is that the very spray balloon is not expensive; its leather belt costs more. In UEFA matches they have 4 balloons and only two of them are used during the match. The FUR plans to buy 500 spray balloons. “Balloons can be recharged. I believe we’ll throw them out keeping only leather belts,” added Spirin.

According to Spirin “the only problem is that balloons don’t function in cold weather”.

The first big tournament where referees used such a spray balloon was in the World Cup in Brazil (June-July, 2014). Now they use the spray in the Champions League and in Premier Leagues of England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

In Spirin’s viewpoint, the spray doesn’t influence the game, but it allows disciplining football players. “It’s not a panacea. A referee should have good eyesight. He sets a distance between the defending wall and the ball placement. The spray is just an additional means. We hope it’ll discipline football players and help referees to follow the rules, especially as far as the penalty area is concerned”.

Text and pictures by TASS