Russian Skating Union makes sure the World Championships organizers don’t repeat the mistake with the Russian anthem


On February 13 during Denis Yuskov’s medal ceremony the World Championships organizers made a mistake, switching on “The Patriotic song” by Mikhail Glinka instead of the Russian national anthem.

The Russian Skating Union made sure the organizers didn’t repeat their mistake with the Russian anthem in the World Speed Skating Championships in Heerenveen, the Netherlands, during another ceremony where Pavel Kulizhnikov got his golden medal.

The Union took such measures after the failure on 13 February when Denis Yuskov was rewarded. He won the 1500 m race, made a new record and defended the title he had got in Sochi two years ago.

“This time everything was okay. Our team head made sure the mistake wouldn’t be repeated. She brought a USB flash drive with the recorded national anthem, although the organizers made everything right,” said Alexey Kravtsov, the Skating Union President.

Kulizhnikov was the best in the 500 m race. The 20-year-old sportsman got his first World Championship medal. It’s the first year he doesn’t compete as a junior sportsman. Kulizhnikov had to miss the two recent years due to the anti-doping rule violation. But the forced break didn’t influence Pavel’s great results.

“Here in the World Championship our sportsmen are respected. It’s evident the Dutch want their countrymen to win, but they also support Denis and Pavel. We don’t feel any disfavour. Our rivals try to make their best, but they fail to be ahead. Pavel won with a great advantage,” informed a Union representative.

Text and pictures by TASS