Mutko: FUR should answer questions about Capello’s contract details published in media


Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation told TASS he had initialed the agreement between the Russian Football Union (FUR) and the national team head coach.

The Russian Football Union should answer the questions about head coach Fabio Capello’s contract details published in the media, not the Russian Ministry of Sports, stated Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko.

“I do not want to comment on such things, ask the FUR about that,” said Mutko.

The copy of the agreement signed in January, 2014, between the FUR and Capello, was published by “Novaya Gazeta”. According to the contract that expires in July, 2018, the Italian specialist’s salary is €7m a year ($7.6m – ed). Moreover, according to the agreement, the FUR has no the right to unilaterally terminate the contract without a penalty, while Capello has such a possibility. Some places of the contract are signed by Mutko.

“Of course, I initialed the agreement, it’s my job. Now, I started issuing special orders. The contract of any coach (of national teams) is accompanied by my order. Our country consists of 160 federations and each of them signs some contracts. My task is to coordinate candidacies of head coaches, that’s all. Sports federations are separate organizations, they carry out their own business activities,” added the Minister of Sports.

Mutko refused to answer the question whether his signatures supposed some responsibility for the execution of the contract with Capello.

The FUR received a request from the Organized Crime & Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) for Union’s possible cooperation with companies Chestersen Ltd and FARO Management while signing the contract with Capello. The OCCRP suspects that the Italian has other sources of income.

Answering the question whether Mutko knew anything about Capello’s links with those companies, he said: “Ask the FUR such questions.”

Earlier, FUR President Nikolay Tolstyh told TASS that the contract with Capello had been signed without intermediaries.

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