Head coach of Gabon: Belarus has skillful football players who play around Europe


Jorge Costa, the head coach of the national football team of Gabon, known as a retired Portuguese football player, in an exclusive interview with Press Ball said that in his opinion, many skillful Belarusian football players play in Europe.

- What do you know about the Belarusian national football team?

- To tell the truth, almost nothing. There’s little information about it. I know you have skillful players who play around Europe. I have seen some matches where Belarusians performed. You have a lot of experienced players, many of them played in FC BATE in the Champions League. So the upcoming sparring is a great challenge.

- Which Belarusian players do you know? By surnames?

- Oh, it’s not so easy to do. Is Kutuzov still playing?

- No, he retired.

- Really? Okay. And what about Hleb?

- He returned to the national team.

- It means that he will play against Gabon. I think these two football players have been the best ones in recent years.

Text by Pressball.by

Pictures by dragteam.info