Gazzaev-reformer. Five steps to save Russian football


On Wednesday, Valery Gazzaev presented the program of Russian football development. Its name’s “Russian Football: time of change”. Saying goodbye to the championship, in which could have played clubs from Russia and Ukraine, the former head coach of FC CSKA wrote another fundamental work aimed at reviving the Russian football.

Russian Football League is main football body

The ideas announced by Gazzaev at yesterday’s meeting of the Russian Federation Public Chamber were not a big surprise. As they say, it’s repeated over and over again. We heard something similar less than a year ago. Giving an example of global best practices, Gazzaev insists that the elite division should be expanded up to 18 clubs.

The program provides for the establishment of the Russian Football League (RFL). This structure will organize the competitions not only in the Premier League, but also in the Russian First Division.

The Russian football is supposed to start a new life in 2016. “It is assumed that the season 2015/16 will be a mid-season. The season 2016/17 will be the first season of the RFL. If necessary, we can consider the mid-season cancellation, and the season 2015/16 will be the first RFL season,” explained Gazzaev, who as usual was supported by the CSKA president Yevgeny Giner.

One of the most successful Russian football managers wisely said that Gazzaev’s program should not be tied to the 2018 World Cup, otherwise it would not work. Giner, by the way, is sure that the Russian team won’t win the 2018 World Cup: “We woke up too late. I share Giner’s and Kurban Berdyev’s viewpoints; Berdyev said absolutely unpopular phrase “we do not need a victory in the 2018 World Cup.”

Limit cancellation on foreign players

This is one of those ideas, without which any Gazzaev’s program can’t dispense with. And it may hamper its implementation. Recently, the Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko has quickly frozen the FUR officials’ enthusiasm about setting a limit on foreign players using the formula “10 foreigners + 15 Russians” in the season application: “We need tightening, not mitigating! We’ll host the World Cup, and we can’t let our guys move from the football field to the bench. I don’t understand how Gazzaev is going to convince Mutko. Until the 2018 World Cup such proposals will make the Minister and his supporters smile.

For sure Gazzaev will get a support from almost all the Premier League clubs presidents, but it won’t help as the decision will be taken by “the top people”.

The limit on foreign players should exist only in the first division. “It’s not right to have the limit on foreign players in the Premier League, and the first division clubs should have not more than three foreigners on the field,” highlighted Gazzaev.

Strict control of public funding

Of course, there was raised the money issue. Gazzaev believes that public funding should be targeted and strictly controlled. But how many Russians want to spend money on football? For some reason, one can remember the salary problems of Fabio Capello... However, there is a solution. As soon as the state provides financial benefits to business, the case will move forward. And then, perhaps, everyone will admire not only Sergey Galitsky whose FC Krasnodar reminds FC Barcelona against the background of FC Spartak.

Second Division – semi-professional

In the main football reformer’s opinion the Russian Professional Football League (the Second Division) should become semi-professional. Club owners will have the opportunity to make their own decisions about the club’s status.

Single football cards for fans

Gazzaev remembers that at large stadiums being built for the 2018 World Cup should accommodate a lot of people. But at the same time he understands that some fans prefer the TV to the stadium and the reason is not bad weather or uncomfortable seats. One of the main issues is security at stadiums. So it makes sense to introduce a single football card for fans that would be used to buy a ticket for a match. And thanks to this card it will be easy to keep a record of violations and find violators.

In the near future Gazzaev-reformer’s ideas will be learnt by... Vladimir Putin. In any case, the RF Public Chamber Secretary Alexander Brechalov promised that the Head of the State would receive a special report. Perhaps after that the program will need some changes.

Text and pictures by LiveSport.Ru