Belarusians leave Futsal World Championships losing in quarterfinals


The Belarusian futsal team lost to Paraguay in the quarterfinals of their home World Championships.

In the group stage the Belarusians beat the teams of Brazil (2:1) and Australia (2:1), but lost to Uruguay (2:3).

The Paraguayans, in turn, proved that they were one of the favorites of the Championships, beating Norway (6:1) and Belgium (6:3) and losing to Morocco (3:4) in the match that decided nothing.

The Belarusians actively started the match but they didn’t manage to take advantage of their opportunities. The Paraguayans, in turn, were more successful. Already in the first half, Herrera scored two goals, and in the second half Paraguay upset the Belarusian goalkeeper another two times. The first goal was scored by Salinas, and in the end of the match Herrera scored a hat-trick.

Thus, reaching the quarterfinals, Sergey Safronov’s players repeated their best achievement at the World Championships.

Text and pictures by TUT.BY