Belarus to establish working group to resolve problems with football fans


The Belarusian MIA’s Chief Directorate Combating Organized Crime and Corruption held a seminar-meeting, where they discussed the prevention of violations by aggressive football fans.

“In recent years, the essence of the fans’ movement has changed towards radicalization. Fans are perceived as troublemakers. Radical groups that have its own ideology, hierarchy and regulations, are a destructive force,” says the MIA’s report.

The fan movement has 3,000-5,000 active members. Every year a number of incidents with fans grow.

“Last year there happened 73 illegal actions, including 47 ones outside the stadium. 235 administrative protocols were drawn up, 7 criminal cases were started (for crimes related to football environment and with fans’ participation),” stated a MIA’s representative Roman Melnik.

“Football fans fought earlier, but in the world there is a tendency towards fan groups’ radicalization that also took place in Belarus. First of all we should organize joint preventive work of security officials, Ministry’s of Sports professionals, teachers and journalists,” specified the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council Andrey Vtyurin. “It is necessary to pay attention to the fan movement and make it positive, working closely with the clubs and debunking the myths about the fan groups’ “attractiveness” and football hooligans’ “heroism”.

After all, young people with their boundless energy are a breeding ground for extremism”. After the seminar meeting there was made a decision to establish a working group to reduce fans’ illegal activities.

Text by TUT.BY

Pictures by yandex images