Arshavin agreed to give apartment to his ex-wife


According to, the FC Zenit’s football player Andrey Arshavin agreed to give his former wife, a TV anchor Yuliya Baranovskaya, a three-room apartment in St. Petersburg.

Baranovskaya became the full-right owner of the apartment on Wednesday, March 4, although the property deal was made on 22 January. The transfer of ownership took place within the framework of Arshavin’s keeping the terms of the settlement agreement.

The apartment is located in the north of St. Petersburg. The football player agreed to give the apartment under a certain condition: Baranovskaya should use her own flat presented by Arshavin some time ago to formalize an apartment ownership for their three children (in equal shares).

Earlier Arshavin’s ex-wife accused the sportsman in a failure to meet financial obligations to the three children and their mother. Moreover, Arshavin could be restricted to travel abroad for that reason.

Arshavin’s alimony debt to the former wife was estimated at 3.3 million rubles ($53,000). In July 2014 the Magistrates Court of the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg approved an agreement between Arshavin and Baranovskaya according to which the football player should transfer half of his total earnings to the three children. According to approximate data, the salary of the 33-year-old player is €2.5 million a year.

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