Water supply in Sevastopol to be enough for summer


The water level in the Chernorechensky reservoir that provides 70% of the city needs has exceeded the working volume and amounted to 4.5 million cubic meters, said Head of the Office for civil protection Miroslav Sagaidak.

Thus, Sevastopol is fully provided with water for summer.

This was stated at a city government meeting by Head of the Office for civil protection Miroslav Sagaidak.

“The main task is accomplished. According to our data, the water level will continue to increase. It means that the water supply in the summer period will be provided,” stated Sagaidak.

How problem of Sevastopol water supply is being solved

On October 22 Sevastopol declared emergency mode due to the Chernorechensky reservoir shallowing to the level of emergency supplies - 7 million cubic meters.

Now the water level has exceeded the working volume - 43 million cubic meters.

To ensure the independence of Sevastopol in terms of water consumption, the city authorities are implementing a program designed by the Ministry of Construction and Ministry of Environment. The federal budget will allocate 400 million rubles ($7.2 million - ed) for the project.

The maximum volume of the Chernorechensky reservoir is 65 million cubic meters.

Text and pictures by TASS