Twenty builders of cosmodrome Vostochny on hunger strike


Workers of “Stroyindustriya-S”, a building contractor of the cosmodrome Vostochny, announced on Wednesday an indefinite hunger strike. This is stated in the document that includes 20 signatures addressed to acting General Director Mikhail Terentyev.

“Due to unpaid wages for January-March 2015, the violation of our rights, taking into account the difficult financial situation of each employee, we declare an indefinite hunger strike from April 22, 10.00,” says the statement.

The action participants intend to extend the strike until the debts are paid off. The hunger strike place is the office of “Stroyindustriya-S”, the town of SU-174. Moreover, the protesters sent an appeal to the Russian authorities asking for help in the situation.

“At the moment, according to our managers’ information, the total amount of unpaid wages is 16,132,000 rubles ($319.5 thousand – ed), the number of employees who have not received wages is 311 people,” specifies the statement.

The workers, who signed the statement, note that the measures and promises made by the leaders of a number of different structures and supervisory authorities, did not give the expected results, and payments were made only after the workers’ announcement of hunger strikes.

“The enterprise has no funds to pay wages due to “Dalspetsstroy” unwillingness to accept our fulfilled workloads and to sign the contract and documentation on the work performed. The workloads fulfilled by us are estimated at 112 million rubles ($2.2 million – ed),” explains the statement.

“The relationships between our enterprise and the contractors do not allow us to hope that in the near future the payment problem will be resolved, despite the fact that all the levels are aware of the problem: the Russian government, the Federal Labour Inspectorate, the Russian Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor’s Office and so on,” highlight the builders.

The statement also says that the workers receive rationed food, given by one of the building companies on credit. They also provide living on credit. Workers’ families are in dire straits. Workers cannot leave the watch due to the lack of funds.

The press-service of “Dalspetsstroy” denied the protesters’ statement about the company’s involvement into the creation of such a situation. “There are no direct contracts with “Dalspetsstroy” or with “Stroyindustriya-S” affiliates. We have contracts for services with “Ideal”, and all the workloads made according to them were fully funded. “Ideal” hired subcontractors who are having problems now, including the company “Stroyindustriya-S”,” explained a representative of “Dalspetsstroy”.

As reported, in the construction of the cosmodrome Vostochny are involved more than 7,000 employees. Several subcontractors, in particular, “TMK”, “Sistemy i seti”, “Stroyindustriya-S”, “Elephant”, “DSS” and “Amurdorsnab” delayed payments.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU