Space tourist Sarah Brightman had weightlessness training


As evidence Brightman posted photos that depicted her inside the spacecraft-lab IL-76MDK.

This week British singer and future space tourist Sarah Brightman has had weightlessness training. She announced that via her website.

The singer believes these preparations are amazing. To confirm her words Brightman posted pictures inside the spacecraft-lab IL-76MDK.

The aircraft is a flying laboratory, designed and developed on the basis of the serial Il-76MD strategic airlifter. It is aimed at flight performance with the reproduction of the mode of brief weightlessness moment and the subgravity mode, including the lunar and Martian gravities.

At the end of the month Brightman will have training in the centrifuge in the Cosmonaut Training Center (Moscow region).

“On April 27 Sarah Brightman is going to have training in the centrifuge with 4 and 8 g overloads,” informs the Center.

Next week Brightman will have courses on working with photo and video equipment available on board the International Space Station, informed the Centre representative. From 13 to 20 April, according to the plan, the singer will travel to Europe, where she will have weekly training courses in the European Space Agency.

Sarah Brightman is going to space on September 1. If her plans are implemented, she will be the eighth space tourist. The future flight cost her about $ 52 million. Brightman announced her plans to go to space in 2012.

Text and pictures by TASS