Russia plans to create its own space station by 2023


Russian President Vladimir Putin said the project of creating a national orbital space station was very important for the national economy.

Russia plans to create the national orbital space station in 2023, admitted Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday during his Q&A Marathon.

“By 2023 we are going to create our own national orbital space station. It is a separate project, and it’s very important for us; we need it from an economic point of view, because the ISS is actively used for science purposes, and only 5% of the Russian territory is seen from the ISS. And from the national space station we’ll be able to see the whole territory of our great country,” specified Vladimir Putin.

He noted that the project “is of great economic importance.”

“So we will definitely bring this project to the conclusion, and, no doubt, we’ll control it,” claimed Head of State.

Now the management of the Russian space industry is discussing the ISS future use, possibilities to enter strategic alliances in the field of space research, and prospects of creating a new space station.

Text by RIA Novosti

Pictures by TASS