Roskosmos: manned space flights can’t be launched without Russian experience


Manned space flights are impossible without Russian participation, said yesterday at a TASS’s press conference the press secretary of the Russian Federal Space Agency Igor Burenkov.

“If we talk about manned flights in the future, it’s impossible to dispense with the experience of Russia,” he admitted.

Burenkov highlighted that the experience of Russian cosmonauts had no world analogs.

Speaking about the upcoming annual expedition to the International Space Station, the spokesman for the Russian Space Agency specified: “Cooperation in space continues. In general, it is an area of international cooperation; symbolically, it’s a joint flight of American and Russian cosmonauts.” “The symbolism of this flight is the continuation of international cooperation,” added Burenkov.

The annual flight should be launched by a Russian Mikhail Korniyenko and an American Scott Kelly. Prior to that, the crews have worked on the ISS only for six months. A longer expedition will take a fresh look at human capabilities in space, believes Korniyenko.

The crew, which includes Kelly and Korniyenko, is to go to the ISS on board the Soyuz TMA-16M on March 27.

Text and pictures by TASS