Rogozin: No talks about schedule changes in cosmodrome Vostochny construction


The Deputy Prime Minister noted that the work safety in the implementation of such large projects as the cosmodrome construction plays a key role.

There are no talks about schedule changes in the cosmodrome Vostochny construction, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin during a conference on the construction of this important project.

“There are apparent changes in the construction. Obviously, the management of “Spetsstroy” fulfilled its promises to increase the volume on the sites. Now we really believe that we meet the deadline,” he added.

Rogozin called to do “everything at the same pace, with the same energy, with the same dedication to ensure that there are no talks about someone’s failure to meet the deadline.”

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the work safety in the implementation of such large projects as the cosmodrome construction plays a key role.

“The rhythm and pace of the construction largely depend on the rights protection of the employees involved into the cosmodrome construction. We can’t have the desired rhythm and tempo without solving the problems of the people who are engaged in the construction. They should not be just employees, they should be allies in meeting the deadlines for constructing such an important strategic object in a qualitative manner,” he said.

Rogozin stated he was satisfied with the decision of “Spetsstroy” to ensure a special administration for every strategically important cosmodrome site. “It’s the right decision that will allow using all the “Spetsstroy” resources to accelerate the construction,” specified the Deputy Prime Minister.

He said that in the defense industry department was created a special office, which will deal with the rocket and space industry. The government selected very smart people who will control the process of the cosmodrome construction. A similar office is established in the Russian Ministry of Construction that accompanies this project.

Federal Service on Labour and Employment to control wages

The Deputy Prime Minister also asks the Federal Service on Labour and Employment (Rostrud) to monitor the situation with the payment of wages to the cosmodrome builders.

“I ask Rostrud to continue these checks, carry them on a large scale until the end of all the construction works, so that we have no more problems with that,” highlighted Rogozin.

He stressed that the main reason for unpaid wages was the lack of working capital and, as a consequence, the high dependence on contractors and on timely payments for the work performed.

“I do not abrogate “Dalspetsstroy” and “Spetsstroy” responsibilities for involving the contractor organizations which turned to be unprepared,” concluded the Deputy Prime Minister.

Text and pictures by TASS