Resident of Skolkovo developed internal passport identification technology


The new technology will allow to automate issuing SIM cards, insurance policies and bank loans

The Skolkovo resident, “Terminalnye resheniya” (company “Terminal decisions”) developed the technology of Russian internal passport identification that will allow to automate issuing SIM cards, insurance policies and bank loans, said the company CEO Artyom Subbotin.

The Russian internal passport that is used for operations that require personal identification is one of the most difficult documents to recognize due to outdated technologies of its creation, low frequency of its changing and lack of common standards of its filling.

The majority of developed countries use plastic cards to identify people within the country. Many experts suggest abandoning internal passports in Russia, but Subbotin believes that due to the high cost of transition to cards the passport will remain the main document in the near future.

“It will take another 20 years to get rid of internal passports,” says Subbotin. At this stage, the company plans to use the internal passport recognition technology in so-called “simkomats” – machines that sell phone SIM cards.

At present, SIM cards are mainly sold through retail networks owned by mobile operators. Subbotin thinks that card sale through “simkomats” will allow companies to save on personnel costs.

“Simkomats do the same as two employees in a mobile phone shop,” admits Subbotin.

The “simkomat” scans the buyer’s passport, takes their pictures and starts identifying. The identification is performed both automatically and with the assistance of remote call center employees, who examine the two pictures that haven’t got a reconciliation.

After paying in cash or by card and signing a standard contract the “simkomat” gives the buyer a SIM card. Subbotin believes that this technology could be applied to other transactions that require identification by internal documents, such as issuing bank loans or insurance policies.

“Now biometric identification is one of the most popular innovations on the market of security systems and access control,” said Maksim Zharenov, the project manager of the Cluster of Space Technologies and Telecommunications of the “Skolkovo” foundation.

Text and pictures by TASS