Muscovites to choose new concept of aerospace museum at VDNKh


Moscow residents will choose the theme of the new museum at VDNKh

Moscow City Property Department will take into account the results of the voting held at the "Active citizen" internet platform.

Moscow residents will be able to choose the theme of the permanent exhibition in the new museum, which will be located in the pavilion "Space" at VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of the People's Economy). According to the press service of the "Active citizen" project, the voting began in the system of electronic referenda on Thursday.

Among the voting options are the history of aviation and aerospace, aviation and aerospace in defense of the country, modern achievements of aviation and aerospace, famous aviation and aerospace personalities.

Moscow City Property Department will take into account the results of the voting in developing the concept of the museum.

It is expected that a large-scale interactive exhibition dedicated to national aviation and rocket and space industry will start operating in the pavilion in February 2016. The creators of the concept of the new museum plan to collect unique equipment, including the models of the space station "Mir" and of the space launch vehicle "Angara". Visitors will be able to learn how GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) navigation and communications systems work, as well as to learn how such vehicles as "Moon", "Mars", "Venus" used in interplanetary automatic missions operate. In addition, the permanent exhibition of the companies manufacturing space products will be operating in the pavilion.

The pavilion "Space" is renovated as part of an ambitious program of VDNKh improvement. The reconstruction of the pavilion is timed to the 75th anniversary of the exhibition сentre. The next step is to collect the exhibit items. The pavilion was built in 1939 in the form of a hangar – a building used to construct space vehicles. For about 60 years, "Space" pavilion hosted theme exhibitions: "Urban development", "Machine engineering", and others. Since 2000, the fair "Gardener and garden" has been held there.

There are two museums dedicated to aerospace at VDNKh - The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics located in the stylobate of the monument "To the Conquerors of Space" and the Memorial House Museum of the Academician S.P. Korolyov.

Text and pictures by TASS