Members of Armenian Academy of Sciences published 782 articles in credible international journals in 2014


Members of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences (NAS) published 782 articles in credible international scientific journals in 2014, said NAS President Radik Martirosyan on Friday at the annual general meeting, dedicated to the main results of scientific and organizational activities of the Academy in 2014.

In addition, he said, in 2014 members of the National Academy of Sciences published 18 monographs on various topics.

In general, in 2014 the Academy received about 6.24 million drams ($13,000 - ed) from the state budget for research into thematic, targeted and other programs, and the total salary fund amounted to 5.4 billion drams ($11.4 billion - ed).

According to Martirosyan, the average salary of NAS employees in 2014 amounted to 104,000 drams ($220 - ed) without extra-budgetary funds.

The Academy President said that currently in the NAS work 62 academicians and 60 correspondent-members. The total number of employees is 4,027; 2,450 of which are scientists, 327 - Doctors of Science, 1,085 - PhD, 1,038 - employees who have no scientific degrees.

Martirosyan also noted that in 2014 the Academy strengthened cooperation with scientific and technical centers of Russia, Belarus and the EU.

The annual general meeting was attended by Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan.

On NAS scientific and organizational activities in 2014 reported an academician-secretary Grant Matevosyan.

At the annual meeting was also presented the report “Political and legal problems of Armenian Genocide recognition and compensation”, prepared by NAS academicians Gagik Kazinyan, Ashot Melkonyan and Ruben Safrastyan.


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