Medvedev: Russia continues national science funding


“The future of any economy depends heavily on its technological equipment,” said the Russian Prime Minister during his visit with Zhores Alfyorov to the laboratory of nano-electronics of St. Petersburg Academic University.

Dmitry Medvedev promises not to cut science funding even in the current difficult economic conditions.

“We really pay great attention to it [technological development] and believe that the future, of course, is in the knowledge economy, which involves the application of science and high technology. That is why we, even in the current difficult economic conditions, try not to cut financing scientific programs, industrial parks development, research clusters creation,” said Medvedev in an interview with Vietnamese media on the eve of his visit to Vietnam.

Medvedev stressed that the policy of science funding “will be continued despite the fact that at the moment a number of economic factors are not quite favorable.” “The future of any economy depends heavily on its technological equipment, on which kind of machines and techniques are used, which technological solutions are implemented, and it is a global trend, a global course,” stated the Chairman of the Russian government.

He praised the Russian-Vietnamese scientific cooperation, which “has been tested for decades.” “We are ready, of course, for various forms of cooperation with our Vietnamese friends,” Medvedev assured.

He took as an example the nuclear power plant “Ninh Thuan 1”. “Russia is the leader in terms of the nuclear industry and nuclear power,” said the PM. He highlighted the activities of Russian experts on training nuclear industry personnel for other countries, including Vietnam.

Text and pictures by TASS