Medvedev: politics doesn`t affect cooperation between Russian and foreign scientists


Cooperation between Russian and foreign scientists hasn`t terminated, regardless of the tense relations with some states. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stressed this on Tuesday, speaking at the symposium in St. Petersburg Academic University.

He noted that real science is international in its nature. "And research shouldn`t depend on politicians, or at least not to the full extent, and that's good," said the Head of the government. He pointed out that international collaboration between scientists shouldn`t terminate under no circumstances.

"Maybe it's not the easiest time for our interaction with a number of countries. But I am particularly pleased to note the participation of our foreign colleagues, the Nobel Prize Winners and leading scientists from different countries," said the Prime Minister.

Congratulations to Alferov

The Prime Minister began his speech at the symposium with congratulations to the President of the University, the Nobel Prize Winner Zhores Alferov, who has recently turned 85.

"We shouldn`t forget what had been done by those who developed the Soviet and Russian science. They are our pride. And Zhores Alferov is certainly one of such people," said the Prime Minister. "I want to tell you, Zhores Ivanovich, that we appreciate and love you, and we will help you in every possible way," Medvedev addressed to the hero of the day.

The Prime Minister admitted that it was a great pleasure for him to congratulate the member of the Academy of Sciences personally. "I wish you good health and every success," said the Prime Minister. He called Alferov the scientist of world-wide reputation, who is the pride of Russia and the rest of the world. "In fact, Alferov is an initiator of the so-called semiconductor revolution, without which the future or, let`s say, the present day would differ a lot from what we have today," said Medvedev.

Alferov has proven himself as an outstanding developer of science, continued the Prime Minister. He noted the work of Academic University in integrating research and education.

Symposium in St. Petersburg

The Symposium "XXI Century Breakthrough Technologies ", held at St. Petersburg Academic University on March 16-17, is timed to Alferov`s 85th anniversary. The symposium is focused on developments in the fields of nanoparticles, lasers and photonics, minerals and inorganic crystalline substancies, medicine and energy.

On the first day of the event, the hero of the day made a report on "Efficient light conversion and generation", the Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry Roger Kornberg of Stanford University and a number of other scientists also made their speeches. Today's symposium program, in particular, includes the report of the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Aaron Ciechanover of Israel Institute of Technology.

Text and pictures by TASS