Kaspersky denied accusations of cooperating with Russian intelligence services


Evgeny Kaspersky denied the accusations of cooperating with the Russian intelligence services made by the magazine Businessweek. In his blog, Kaspersky accused the journalists of lying and distorting facts.

"Blatant lie. Wild guesses, assumptions, misinterpreted conclusions based on incorrect information. Should I sue them or what?" wondered Kaspersky. He wrote that one-third of the article was a lie. Another one-third was generally known information.

And the rest of the article included unknown and meaningless facts: for example, that he goes to the sauna with friends every week, including with those from intelligence services. "The serious news agency Bloomberg sought contacts with the "Russian spies" - and found out only about ... sauna. Hurrah!" concluded Kaspersky.

On March 19, Businessweek published an article in which Kaspersky and his company were accused of close cooperation with the Russian intelligence services. The sources in the company told the magazine that "Kaspersky Lab" helped FSB and other Russian law enforcement agencies with investigations by providing them with personal data of the people using the antivirus around the world, including in the United States.

The magazine cites Kaspersky in the article. In particular, he confirms that he regularly goes to the sauna.

Text and pictures by Lenta.ru