Japanese bank employs Nao robots


Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group starts a new experiment in which 28 cm humanoid Nao robots will work with clients in some bank departments. These robots were elaborated by the French Aldebaran Robotics Company. If the experiment that starts in April is a success, Nao will appear in other bank departments to work with clients.

Using a camera, hidden in its facial part, Nao robot that speaks 19 languages will be able to analyze the emotional state of a client thanks to their facial expressions and speech. These data will enable to elaborate the best behavior pattern and discover the clients’ needs.

During the latest presentation Nao robot that weighs 5.4 kg demonstrated its impeccable behavior with an English speaking client. And thanks to the current programmers’ and engineers’ work robot will be able to speak fluently other languages.

After eliminating all the irregularities in robots’ behaviors, they will be able to talk to the most cunning and unpredictable bank clients. The process of robots’ launch is to be completed in 2020, when Tokyo is full of foreign clients arriving to the Olympic Games.

“Robots can provide services, complete tasks, working 24 hours without any salary or medical leave. Taking into account the fact that robots are multilingual, they are the best employees of today,” says Takuma Nomoto, the manager of the information technology development of Mitsubishi UFJ. “Nao robot is cute and friendly, and I suppose the majority of our clients will like it”.

It should be mentioned that Mitsubishi UFJ as well as Huis Ten Bosch Company is one of numerous Japanese companies that invest into “non-human resources”. It happens on the request of the Japanese Prime Minister Sindzo Abe’s. He appeals the country to start “the robotical revolution” that will be able to stand against the increasing labor shortage in Japan where the population gets old at a quick rate.

Text and pictures by tehnowar.ru