Hermitage library’s employees can’t visit repository alone


It’s connected with attempts to steal some museum collection’s objects two weeks ago.

Mikhail Piotrovsky, the Director of the State Hermitage, signed the document on tightening control in the museum’s scientific library.

In particular, now it’s forbidden to visit the library repository alone. Moreover, they will conduct night rounds, examine the library’s fund and increase the number of surveillance cameras.

Piotrovsky didn’t comment on the case investigation. He only said violators tried to steal rare editions, not exhibition items. “Firstly, it’s an act of vandalism and barbarism, and only secondly it’s a theft. The suspected man took out pages from the books of the 19th century about Peter the First, Peterhof and Russian History,” stated Piotrovsky.

In January 2015 in the course of another repository examination the museum scientific library’s employees discovered some editions lacked pictures, illustrations and prints. The museum’s employees and law-enforcement authorities managed to identify the violator (he was a library’s employee) and a place where he sold the valuable materials.

The suspected man was arrested on February 12. The prints, lithographs, pictures and the books of the 17-19th centuries were found in his and his friend’s flat and in some antique shops of St. Petersburg. All the objects were returned to the Hermitage’s library. There was opened a criminal case against the violator according to Article 158 of the Russian Criminal Code (grand theft).

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU