Hashtag #ArmenianGenocide leads in Russian Twitter


The hashtag #ArmenianGenocide (#ГеноцидАрмян) is ranked first in the trends of the Russian segment of Twitter, wrote information security expert Samvel Martirosyan via Facebook.

According to him, in France among the top hashtags are two Armenian – #Armenie and #genocide1915.

Martirosyan also investigated the Turkish segment of Twitter, in which among the most trending hashtags - #Gallipoli100 (the 100th anniversary of the battle at Gallipoli) and #ErmeniSoykirimi (on the Armenian Genocide).

In Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex in Yerevan was held a memorial ceremony to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide under the Ottoman Empire. It was attended by high-level delegations from more than 40 countries, including representatives of parliaments, governments, ambassadors and representatives of international organizations. Among the guests of the ceremony are Russian President Vladimir Putin, his French counterpart François Hollande, as well as Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić and President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades.

The Armenian Genocide of 1915 was the first genocide of the 20th century. Turkey traditionally rejects the accusations of the mass extermination of about half million Armenians during the First World War and it is highly sensitive to the Western criticism in the issue of the Armenian Genocide.

The Armenian Genocide is recognized by many countries, including Uruguay, Russia, France, Lithuania, the Italian Lower House of Parliament, majority of US states, Parliaments of Greece, Cyprus, Argentina, Belgium and Wales, the National Council of Switzerland, the Canadian House of Commons, and the Polish Sejm.


Pictures by Eurasian Union News