Genetic passports become popular in Kazakhstan


Forward-minded Kazakhstanis have recently found out a new way to look into the future - they go to geneticists. Blood tests can not only tell the diseases that can be manifested only in some years, but they can also reveal the secrets of the future, and even find your soul mate, writes the newspaper "Karavan".

Kazakhstanis have recently got interested in having their genes studied, genetic passports have appeared.

"A genetic passport is information on an individual set of DNA markers, which are identified by blood testing, says the senior research associate at the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics Anastasiya Perfilyeva. The gene variations may indicate a person`s predisposition to certain diseases or bad habits. These data are included in genetic passports with the explanation of the features inherent in the person. This is a unique opportunity to look into the future."

Nowadays, it is popular to create genetic passports to define predisposition not only to diseases, but also to a particular kind of sport. Scientists can tell that a person will succeed in gymnastics, he or she has a good flexibility of muscle fibers, or he or she will be good in those kinds of sport that require muscle mass.

Studying of genes may reveal many other secrets and person`s abilities.

"The procedure for creating a genetic passport is simple. We take a specimen of blood from vein, study the DNA, perform a number of reactions and identify the variations of certain genes, says Anastasiya Perfilyeva. At the moment a person may not have any presenting symptoms, and even diagnostics may not detect the hidden threat that can be manifested in some years only. Genetic tests allow doing that."

Of course, not all diseases can be "predicted", but mainly those that have an inherited predisposition. These are cancer and cardiovascular diseases, congenital malformations.

For example, scientists can find out that there`s a high risk of lung cancer, and thus a person shouldn`t smoke cigarettes, hookahs, or work in hazardous industries. People often wonder: some people smoke all their lives and have no lung cancer; others just get into the habit of smoking cigarettes and are soon diagnosed with a terrible decease. This can be explained by genetic traits. Diseases are inherited both through the male and female lines.

In addition, genes can tell not only about possible diseases, but also about psychological characteristics of a person.

Text and pictures by NUR.KZ