First Federal Research Centre in FANO


The tax administration registered the Charter of the first Federal Research Centre (FRC) that was founded on the basis of the RAS Informatics Problems Institute. It was part of the reform made by the FANO in its subordinate institutes and establishments that were included into the RAS system. These changes are conducted in terms of the development program approved by the RAS.

Apart from the Federal Research Centre, RAS Institute for System Analysis and RAS Computing Centre became parts of the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (FANO). According to the FANO development program, the FRC will conduct fundamental and applied research in the sphere of mathematics, mathematical modeling, informatics and information technologies.

The FRC’s main task is “the elaboration of national soft hardware for thread-specific data analytical processing, mass data processing, including unstructured and semi-structured data of different nature,” says the FANO. Then such information systems and technologies will be used in the work of services that provide information security to the country and organizations on speech and text recognition.

According to the FANO’s press-centre, the Federal Research Centre is one of pilot-projects launched by the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations. In general these projects are aimed at creating powerful Russian centres that will give the country a competitive advantage in the strategically important economic sectors.

“At the moment we work on creating similar structures in the spheres of mathematics, information technologies, molecular medicine, genetics, microbiology, nanotechnologies and agriculture,” said the FANO.

Text and pictures by TASS