Putin to discuss RAS reform with FANO Head


On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet Head of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FANO) Mikhail Kotyukov, Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov informed.

The main issue of the meeting is the ongoing reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), stressed Peskov, adding that the President has a number of other visits on Monday.

The RAS reform started in September, 2013. There was adopted a special law that amalgamated the RAS with two independent subject academies – of Medical Sciences and Agriculture – and transferred the academies of Building and Architecture, Education, and Fine Arts to their corresponding federal ministries.

Earlier, Presidential aide Andrey Fursenko said the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences made the institution more democratic and contributed to positive changes in the Russian science development.

“Yes, I do,” Fursenko admitted answering the question about whether he sees positive changes in the domestic science after the RAS reform adoption.

Fursenko noted that any reform is controversial in its nature. However, the changes in the Russian Academy of Sciences gave additional opportunities to its institutions and scientists.


Pictures by TASS