“Dalspetsstroy” denied dismissal of striking builders of “Vostochny”


It’s reported that all the employees of companies-contractors were proposed to move to “Dalspetsstroy” construction departments and continue working on the construction sites.

“Dalspetsstroy” denied the dismissal of builders of the cosmodrome “Vostochny” who had organized a strike due to unpaid wages. “Dalspetsstroy Interprise” (at “Spetsstroy”) does not confirm the fact of the dismissal of employees who had begun a strike at the cosmodrome “Vostochny”, “Dalspetsstroy” informs.

Earlier, some media reported that the builders had been fired.

“Dalspetsstroy” noted that “Spetsstroy” Director Alexander Volosov proposed all the employees of companies-contractors to move to “Dalspetsstroy” construction departments and continue working on the “Vostochny” construction sites.

“According to the information received by “Spetsstroy”, about 60 builders decided to stay at the “Vostochny” cosmodrome. “Dalspetsstroy” and “Spetsstroy” personnel services are engaged in the employment process on the construction sites,” highlighted “Dalspetsstroy”.

It was explained that those who decided to abandon working at the “Vostochny” were provided with payments for travelling home, but only when the employees gave the respective travel documents.

Strike of cosmodrome builders

On 4 April 26 cosmodrome builders began a hunger strike, and about 100 people – a strike. On the same day, “Dalspetsstroy” acting head Yuri Volkodav said that the debts would be paid off until April 10, and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin stated he persuaded the people to end the strike and return to work. After his meeting with the workers in Uglegorsk (where the “Vostochny” is being constructed) Rogozin informed that he left his Moscow reception phone number to give the builders a possibility to report problems.

“If such disgrace is to be continued, if workers’ rights are to be violated, I allow them to call me,” said Rogozin. According to him, a labor inspection and a Region Governor special commission will work at the cosmodrome. The Deputy Prime Minister will visit the cosmodrome “Vostochny” in two weeks to examine labor conditions, housing and food supplies. “Basically, the problem is solved, but it could have been done much earlier. I believe we won’t have the same problems in future,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

According to Alexander Volosov, 61 people returned to the construction works. He assured that such incidents would not happen again at the cosmodrome “Vostochny”.

The “Vostochny” cosmodrome has been constructed since 2010 near the village of Uglegorsk. It will be the first national cosmodrome for civil purposes and will provide Russia with full access to the space.

Text and pictures by TASS