Cyclotron accelerator installed in Armenian Cancer Centre under construction


A cyclotron accelerator is installed in the Armenian Cancer Center under construction, informs the press service of the Ministry of Health.

The long-term program of the Armenian Cancer Center of Excellence construction is being implemented in several stages. The first stage involves the establishment of the Center for Radioisotope Production and the Center for Molecular Prevention. Then it is planned to build the Outpatient Center for Radiation Therapy, as well as (if a private investor appears) the Surgical Center and the Chemotherapy Center.

The new medical institution will be outfitted with the most modern equipment for radiological and radionuclide diagnostics, which allows to determine the tumor’s location and size, the surrounding tissues infection.

The Center will also have the departments of radiotherapy and radioisotope prevention. The institution is expected to provide care for both Armenian citizens and residents of the region.

The works on the construction of the Center for Radioisotope Production are in the final stage.

The Government of Armenia and the Global Medical Solutions Company signed in July 2013 the agreement on the investment of the Armenian Cancer Center of Excellence construction (amounted at $ 12-14 million). The Center was planned to be built in 18-24 months. The construction of the ultra-modern Armenian Cancer Center of Excellence was started in Ajapnyak District of Yerevan in October 2012.

The construction program provides for establishing a complex of cancer services, in particular, using the World Bank loans in the amount of $ 12.4 million it is planned to construct a building for radioisotope application in spring. They will also construct a third building for a chemotherapy complex and for treatment of 100 in-patients.

The Centre creation program is implemented by the state and private sectors.

Text and pictures by AMI NOVOSTI-ARMENIA