16-19 century book fund completely evacuated from INION storage


Evacuation is carried out according to the plan developed jointly with FANO

Antique publications dating back to the16th-the beginning of the19th centuries, the so-called Rare Fund, and the Fund of the Russian community abroad were evacuated from the INION (Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences) building destroyed by the fire. 35 thousand items were transferred to remote storage locations selected by the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (FANO). This was reported by the press service of FANO.

"Both dry and soaked Fund is still being evacuated from the intact part of the INION library. At this time, there are about 300 thousand items already evacuated from 625 thousand items of the dry Fund planned to be evacuated. From 25 to 35 thousand items are removed every day," the press-service added.

Documents soaked during fire extinguishing are being transferred to freezers. Russian and foreign books, books dated 1975-2000, pre-revolutionary Russian newspapers have already been sent for freezing.

Evacuation is carried out according to the plan developed jointly with FANO. "It provides for the order of removal of books from the storage units, access to which is relatively harmless", concluded FANO.

INION books restoring

Earlier, the director of the Russian State Library Alexander Visly said that the library books affected by the fire should be urgently put in freezing storage, as the warmth could destroy them.

"The best solution would be to remove all the books from INION to some ice cave in Polar Regions, because keeping them at -20-30 degrees would save them. The worst thing is that the books may be brought to destruction by the warmth that has recently come. Keeping books in freezing storage is also being worked out, the first batch of books is already removed, said Visly.

Fire in library

INION building on Nakhimovsky Avenue caught fire on January 30. Recovery operations of the building with the general area of 2 thousand sq.m. were finished on February 2. Prosecutor's office of South-Western Administrative District of Moscow started an investigation in connection with the fire.

The fire destroyed 5.42 million books. Taking into account the duplicates, low-value publications and those to be written off, irrecoverable loss of the INION library is estimated at 2.32 mln items.

2.95 mln items were seriously damaged primarily by water during fire extinguishing, but they can still be saved. They should be removed, frozen and restored.

In 2014 the INION library funds amounted to 14.2 mln items.

Text and pictures by TASS