Matviyenko: Eurasian Women's Forum may become regular


Russian Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko noted in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” that she receives a lot of proposals about holding this event annually.

“The Eurasian Women's Forum that will be held in St. Petersburg may become a regular event,” Matviyenko admitted.

The diplomat stressed she gets many proposals about making Eurasian Women's Forum an annual event, but “the forum participants are to take the final decision.” “There’s also a possibility to hold the forum every two or three years,” the Federation Council Head said.

She hopes that the forum participants will exchange views “to better understand one another, to find common approaches, to agree on coordinated actions.”

“I am sure, our forum will be held in this way,” highlighted Matviyenko, adding that at the end of the event they plan to adopt a joint document that will be sent to the heads of states and international organizations. “The voice of women, women's viewpoints must be heard by everyone,” she told.

Matviyenko emphasized that in most countries of the world “men and women have the equal rights.” Nevertheless, she admitted: “Even in high-developed countries there are a lot of problems, without addressing these problems it is impossible to speak about full legal, social equality between men and women.”

Among these problems are lower payment for women, compared to men for accomplishing the same work, smaller chances of career growth, discrimination in hiring, employers’ violating the rights of mothers and other women. “So, in developed democratic countries, women have the things to fight for; they have goals they can achieve, communicating and cooperating at the transnational level,” Matviyenko added.

She believes “women have their own specific feminine vision on problems and their solutions; they have women's intuition, wisdom, propensity for peaceful dialogue rather than the use of force.” “I believe, we will hear concrete proposals about what women should do to change the world for the better,” concluded the Federation Council Speaker.

The Eurasian Women's Forum will be held in St. Petersburg on 24-25 September 2015. It will bring together over 700 delegates from 85 countries - parliament members, representatives of executive authorities, business communities, academia and non-governmental organizations, influential figures of the international women's movement. The main topic of discussion will be the issues of social security and sustainable development, international cooperation for the sake of progress and confidence, empowerment of women while dealing with the changing economy, politics, social integration.

Text and pictures by TASS