Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina killed in Kiev


Former chief editor of the newspaper "Segodnya" was shot in the yard of his house

Oles Buzina, the journalist and former chief editor of the newspaper "Segodnya" ("Today"), who had recently left his post, was killed in Kiev. This was announced by Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, MP Anton Gerashchenko.

"Infamous journalist Oles Buzina has just been shot on Degtyarevskaya street by the house number 58 from dark blue "Ford Focus". The car number was Latvian or Belarusian. Not the Ukrainian one... It seems Anti-maidan activists are being hunted," Gerashchenko posted on his Facebook page.

"All the drivers in Kiev, please, call the police, if you see a car answering the description," added Gerashchenko.

Advisor to Interior Minister also asked all those who "were involved in organizing and financing Anti-maidan or other unlawful acts against Maidan and think their lives are in danger" to contact the police.

Journalist Kristina Bondarenko said that Buzina had been killed by his house.

"Oles Buzina was killed. Right in the yard of his house. The neighbors heard four shots," she wrote in Twitter.

Buzina worked with a number of Ukrainian newspapers; in January 2015 he was appointed chief editor of the newspaper "Segodnya".

On March 11, Buzina said that he left his post. In his personal blog, he explained his decision by a number of reasons: censorship in the newspaper, lack of power to change personnel policy, prohibition of the top management "to talk to the press, participate in talk shows, comment on any situations," and others.

Buzina is known as a writer, the author of controversial books "The Ghoul Taras Shevchenko" (2000), "The Secret Story of Ukraine-Rus'" (2005), "The Resurrection of Little Russia" (2012), "The Union between Plough and Trident. How Ukraine Was Invented" (2013), "The Rus' Before Kiev" (2014).

He`s known for his pro-Russian stance, advocated for bilingualism in Ukraine and the simultaneous use of the Ukrainian and Russian languages. He talked against the "orange revolution", was involved in Anti-maidan movement activities.

This has been the second high-profile murder in Ukraine recently. Earlier, former deputy from the "Party of Regions" Oleg Kalashnikov was shot as well. In times of shifts in power in Ukraine, Kalashnikov was actively involved in organizing Anti-maidan and coordinating actions of its activists.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU