State Arms Procurement Program approval put off for 3 years


The approval of the State Arms Procurement Program (SAPP) is postponed from 2015 to 2018.

It was supposed that the elaborated Arms Procurement Program for 2016-2025 will be placed before the Russian President Vladimir Putin in December 2015. It became clear in January that it would be difficult to prepare the document in time due to the unstable economic situation.

On January 20 the meeting of the Military-Industrial Commission discussed the issue of postponing the approval of the State Program and Putin agreed to defer the deadline till the situation is stabilized.

Initially the Army estimated the cost of the SAPP program Military at 56 trillion rubles, and later reduced it to 30 trillion.

The SAPP-2020 adopted under President Dmitry Medvedev in December 2010 is in force now. The program is the most expensive in terms of financing - it costs 23 trillion rubles, about 19 trillion of which is allocated for supplying the Ministry of Defense with modern arms and equipment.

When developing the SAPP-2020 the Army has focused on the strategic nuclear forces hoping to get eight missile-carrying submarines "Borey" (carriers of the ICBM "Bulava") in 2020, missile systems "Yars", PS-26 and "Barguzin", a heavy liquid missile "Sarmatian", a new strategic bomber, two new anti-ballistic missile defense systems and other

In 2013 the Government and the Ministry of Defense began to develop a new state program for ten years, which was to meet the current SAPP from 2016 to 2020 and complement it. At the same time in December 2014 Vladimir Putin announced that the plans to finance the SAPP "must be realistic and take into account the possibilities of the state".

The current SAPP may also be subject to reduction. About 500 billion rubles allocated for 2017 were saved for the later period.

State arms procurement program for 2007-2015 was approved in 2006. The amount of financing is 4.9 trillion rubles.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU