Senators discuss possible cuts of their salaries by 10%


The issue of reducing senators` salaries is under discussion, said the head of the Federation Council Committee on rules and organization of parliamentary activity Vadim Tulpanov.

"At yesterday`s meeting there was a suggestion to discuss it (salary reduction) in the committees. The next committee meeting is scheduled for early March, when we will discuss this issue", - said the senator. He added that it is planned to reducing salaries by 10%. "The logic is that if we cut the overall costs of the Council of the Federation by 10%, then perhaps it is logical to cut senators` salaries by 10%," noted Tulpanov.

The Head of the Committee stressed that the decision to reduce salaries will not affect parliamentary assistants and the House staff. "They have small salaries which I think shouldn`t be cut," he said. Tulpanov also said that for the purpose of cost cutting this year the Council of the Federation has decided not to buy new equipment, office equipment mainly, as well as to save on business trips. "Earlier each committee held two offsite meetings away in the regions. This year we`ve decided to be limit them to one. This will save about 10 million rubles," he examplified. The House members are also advised to refrain from travelling business class, especially for short distances, underlined Tulpanov.

Initiative to reduce deputies` salaries

The State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin has said that during the State Duma Council meeting he called all four factions of the House to discuss the possibility of reducing the salaries of deputies. Chairman of the Lower House of Parliament said that this issue is the responsibility of the President of the Russian Federation. "If my proposal receives a positive feedback of the factions, we`ll submit this proposal to the President," promised Naryshkin.

The proposal to reduce salaries of the members of Parliament was supported by the Council of the Federation. "Everyone should tighten their belts – both the State Duma and the Federation Council," said the Speaker of the Upper House Valentina Matviyenko, adding that in case members of the Federation Council support the proposal both Houses of Parliament will appeal to the President of the Russian Federation.

Text and pictures by TASS