Russia offers UNESCO to make statement on 70th Victory anniversary


Russia offered UNESCO to make a general statement in connection with the 70th anniversary of the Victory in World War II. This was stated by Russian Permanent Representative to UNESCO Eleonora Mitrofanova at a regular session of the UNESCO Executive Council in Paris.

The diplomat noted that the session was taking place on the eve of a very important event, which had left mark on the modern history – the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War.

“In this regard, one cannot forget what fascism brought to the world, how many lives took that terrible war. That war left 73 million people died. The Soviet Union lost every tenth citizen, some regions – every third person,” the Russian Foreign Ministry quotes Mitrofanova.

“I am absolutely sure that UNESCO cannot and should not stay away from the celebration of the Great Victory. The Russian delegation proposes to make a general statement on the matter, as did our colleagues from the UN and a number of other international organizations,” Mitrofanova appealed to the colleagues.

The Russian representative reminded that UNESCO was founded precisely after that terrible conflict. “Then and now there was an urgent need for a dialogue to understand the key trends of the global development. It is obvious that now the world is going through a very difficult period, characterized by political, economic and international instability,” she concluded.

Text and pictures by TASS