Russia granted citizenship to 35 Ukrainians of call-up age


Earlier at the suggestion of Vladimir Putin the Federal Migration Service (FMS) agreed to extend Ukrainians’ terms of stay in Russia.

By a Decree of the Russian President Vladimir Putin more than 30 people who were born in Ukraine, received Russian citizenship.

The Presidential Decree “On the acquisition of Russian citizenship and the renunciation of citizenship of the Russian Federation” was published on the official web portal of legal information.

In accordance with this document more than 50 people receive Russian citizenship, 35 of them are men born in Ukraine from 1953 to 1984.

In Ukraine passed 4 stages of mobilization, the age of recruitees was from 18 to 65 (for military specialists) years. On 2 March Poroshenko introduced to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law that increased the maximum number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine up to 250,000 people.

According to the FMS data, by mid-February almost 300,000 citizens of Ukraine applied for asylum or refugee status in the Russian Federation. Overall, more than 600,000 Ukrainians arrived in Russia from the beginning of 2015.

On 26 January 2015, talking to students of the National Mineral Resources University in St. Petersburg, the Russian President stated that he considered it possible to extend terms of stay in Russia for citizens of Ukraine, especially those of call-up age. After Putin’s proposal the FMS decided “for humanitarian reasons” to make an exception for Ukrainians and allow them to stay in Russia for 90 days. After that Ukrainians including those of call-up age can apply for an extension of this period for another 90 days.

At that time Putin explained that it would let the Ukrainians, who do not want to take part in fighting in the east of the country, “wait” in Russia for some time. “They do the right thing, because they are simply pushed to bullets as if they were food for powder,” considers the Russian President.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU