Putin to answer questions about foreign policy during “Direct Line”


On Thursday, April 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a traditional dialogue with Russians within the framework of “Direct Line with Vladimir Putin”. The President has started receiving questions since 9 April.

Russian citizens who send questions to “Direct Line” are interested in the following issues: social and economic spheres, international situation, including the situation in Ukraine and Russia’s relations with NATO countries, informs President’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

“The hot issues are evident by now... These are questions connected with socio-economic issues, wages, rising prices, currency exchange rates, pensions and the pension reform,” Peskov told journalists, answering the question, what topics are the most interesting for Russians who address their questions to the President.

Moreover, according to Peskov, this year significantly increased the number of questions related to the foreign policy.

“These are questions about the possibility of a confrontation with NATO and Western countries; in general, the changes in international relations: with Ukraine, CIS countries, and the Eurasian Customs Union,” highlighted Peskov.

According to him, they received questions concerning housing, bad roads, poor maintenance of houses, work of company managers.

“Many people still complain about the lack of attention paid by local managers. Let’s put it this way, they complain about the quality of officials’ work and their attitude to people. Such requests are numerous. People from many regions are dissatisfied with that,” admitted Peskov. Which issues are the hottest ones we’ll see during the very “Direct Line”, he added.

Text and pictures by RIA Novosti