Putin: Russia always has an answer to any external pressure


At the concert dedicated to February 23 (the Day of Defender of the Fatherland) the Russian leader stated that the Russian armed forces “constantly improve and correspond to all the modern requirements”. Russia will always have an answer to any external pressure, announced Putin on February 20.

“No one should have illusions to be able to achieve military superiority over Russia and press the country. We’ll always have an answer. Our soldiers and army officers proved they were ready to act decidedly, consistently, professionally and fearlessly and accomplish the most difficult and extraordinary tasks being an experienced combat-effective modern army that respects its traditions and military duties,” said Putin.

Moreover, he highlighted that in recent years there was made much to improve effectiveness of the military administration system.

“We successfully implement an ambitious program of army and fleet rearming; besides, we actively improve the system of aerospace defense and nuclear forces. It’s a guarantee of global parity,” informed Putin adding that Russia will continue doing the utmost to augment the army’s potential.

“I would stress that in any situation the military development plans will be fulfilled. There are no doubts about that,” specified the Russian President. Putin assured the state would continue improving the conditions of the military service, providing permanent housing, health and social care and modern military camps arrangement.

“It’s a holly holiday for us”

Greeting military men Putin stated: “For long military training has been highly appreciated in Russia. According to Peter the Great it was the most important thing among others, as it was a means of the motherland protection. We have always been proud of our fearless soldiers. In different historical eras they didn’t allow aliens to conquer Russia, protecting it from invasion. They defended every small area risking their lives”.

“Very soon, on May 9 we’ll celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory against Nazism. It’s a holly holiday for us. It was the people and the Soviet Union’s army who contributed to the elimination of fascism. Thanks to soldiers’ and military officials’ courage the Nazis were defeated in Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk, Leningrad, Budapest and in Berlin. After awful battles our armed forces expelled the enemy out of the motherland and accomplished the great liberation mission. They spared Europe from fascist enslavement, punished the aggressor in the Far East and won the Second World War,” stressed Putin.

The Russian leader added: “It’s our victory, our history and we’ll protect it against lie and oblivion”.

Text and pictures by TASS