Putin finds delirious Kyiv’s statements on Russia’s participation in Maidan disorders


In the interview to a Russian channel “Rossiya 1” the President Vladimir Putin expressed his surprise at some Kyiv’s politicians’ public announcements.

“Sometimes I’m surprised by some public statements of the Ukrainian authorities, for instance when they say that our administration’s employees took part in tragic Maidan disorders last year,” stated the Russian leader. “It’s absolutely delirious and it’s so far from the reality, I don’t understand where such nonsense comes from. Sometimes I hear them say such statements are based on special services’ inaccurate data. I would ask to be more attentive with the data used by my Ukrainian colleagues,” claimed Putin.

Last week the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Valentin Nalivaychenko, referring to special services’ data, blamed Vladislav Surkov (Vladimir Putin’s personal adviser) on participation in February disorders on Maidan.

Moreover, Putin stated he maintained relations with Poroshenko and added urgent measures weren't necessary in Ukraine.

“There’re no needs for such measures,” he said answering the question whether it’s a must to conduct new talks in Minsk (so-called “Minsk-3” operation) or take diplomatic urgent measures up to DPR’s and LPR’s recognition in case of the Ukrainian conflict escalation.

Putin specified the Minsk agreements “are not just documents elaborated by the four (Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany)”. “These agreements are included in United Nations Security Council resolutions and now they are international legal instruments approved by the whole international community. That’s another story and I hope these agreements are to be kept. And agreements’ keeping will be a safe way towards normalization of the situation in the country,” said Putin.

Who is to blame?

Putin criticized Kyiv for trying to blame Russia on its failures in the country’s east. “It’s extremely bad, I mean the attempts on justifying the defeat and blaming Russia on such a result,” explained the President.

“The monopoly on the international mass media gives our opponents the right to behave in such a way,” said Putin answering the question about Kyiv’s accusations against Russia and western anti-Russia viewpoints.

“Furthermore, they might have misinterpreted my statement made during my visit to Hungary. I said it was a shame to lose to yesterday’s miners and tractor drivers, but it was not so humiliating to lose to Russia,” he added.

“At the same time we are aware of some Ukrainian senior executives’ announcements, including the General Staff Head’s words ‘we are not fighting against Russia’, so we need nothing more,” stated Putin.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU