Putin discussed with Bastrykin initiatives on improving law on Investigation Committee


In particular, the Head of the Investigation Committee of Russia offered to improve efforts to fight economic crime.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin met the Head of the Investigative Committee (IC) Alexander Bastrykin and discussed initiatives on improving the law on the Investigation Committee.

Bastrykin reported that the IC had submitted a number of initiatives to the Duma to improve the legislation related to the investigative jurisdiction, primarily to the liability of legal persons. He also pointed out the necessity of improving efforts to fight economic crime.

“The current legislation has the bodies that, unfortunately, do not work; they need specification to manage the financial problems connected with criminal situations in the legislation,” said the IC Head. According to him, the problem is that the IC should conduct expert studies, but it doesn’t have any legislative framework for that.

“We have made some suggestions to improve the law on the Investigation Committee and submitted them to the office of the President, and asked to give a corresponding instruction on rapid handling of our proposal,” addressed Bastrykin to the President.

“Okay. Let us get a good look at it,” agreed the President.

Bastrykin also informed of the last year results of the IC activities, which had been discussed recently by the board committee. According to him, despite some positive results of the departments’ work on the fight against terrorism, extremism, crimes against women and children, there are some notable problems in terms of replacing quantity by quality.

“It means more attention during initiation and investigation of criminal cases, it means criminal investigation technique implementation, expert investigation, improving pace of investigations and implementing preventive measures according to the law,” he enumerated the ways to solve the problem.

Another problem is the generation change in the Investigation Committee. It concerns both managers and employees. “That’s why we have the Investigative Committee Academy and cadet schools. We have signed a number of agreements on our specialists’ preparation at Moscow University and at other universities in Moscow. We have already discussed these issues and have made an appropriate decision,” he reported to the President.

Text and pictures by TASS