Statkevich fined for picket


Former political prisoner Nikolay Statkevich is fined in the amount of 7.2 million rubles ($410 – ed.) according to Art. 23.34 of the Administrative Code (violation of the procedure for organizing or holding mass events or pickets). This decision was taken by the Central District Court in Minsk on 22 September. It is the maximum penalty amount.

The picket “For fair and free elections” with the participation of former political prisoner Nikolay Statkevich was held on 10 September in the Belarusian capital. An administrative protocol was made against him.

Let us remind you that Nikolay Statkevich and politician Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu were summoned to the court of the Minsk Central District on 22 September for holding the illegal picket “For Fair Elections”. They received an invitation via a mobile message the day before the hearing.

“I got a text message, and then a call from a man who introduced himself as a representative of the Central District Court. He said he wants to see me in the court tomorrow at 10 am,” Statkevich told TUT.BY. It was scheduled to hear the case of the illegal picket, held on 10 September.

“I replied I do not accept such non-traditional ways of summoning to the court; moreover, with violating the date, fixed by the law. I received the invitation before less than a day,” admitted Statkevich.

The former political prisoner wasn’t present in the court and commenting on the fine he highlighted: “It’s another manifestation of “democracy and the rule of law” of the Belarusian court. They gather, take decisions without sending an official note, without inviting a lawyer, defendants. They can do that further, and I will be engaged in my activities, championing democracy in Belarus, the establishment of a normal Belarusian court that would have citizens’ trust, that would correspond to the real rules of law.”

According to Statkevich, this trial started in order “to scare people who are going to come to the Liberty Square to meet voters on 23 September.” “Apparently, they are afraid of the fact that the level of fear in the society is being reduced and a lot of people will come. So, they decided to scare people, not me. I am not afraid of anything. It’s much better to live without fear. I can’t be scared after what had happened to me. I spent seven years, experiencing all kinds of restrictions,” said Statkevich.

Statkevich stated he intends to appeal the decision. “I will appeal to get them on nerves,” concluded the politician.

Text by TUT.BT, BelaPAN

Pictures by TUT.BY