“Norman four” agreed to cease fire at 12 a.m. on February 15


The “Norman four” negotiations had affect. The participants signed an agreement. Here there are some agreement’s statements:

- To cease fire in Ukraine at 12 a.m. on February 15.

- To withdraw Kyiv’s military forces from the current line, and the militiamen from the line, set in Minsk memorandum on September 19.

- To take complete control over the border on the part of the Ukrainian government in the conflict zone. The process is to start straight after the local elections and to finish after the political settlement at the end of 2015.

- To establish a constitutional reform in Ukraine at the end of 2015. This reform is to provide decentralization and passage of the law on the special status of some districts of Donetsk Oblast and Luhansk.

- To withdraw all the foreign forces from Ukraine.

- To exchange hostages in the conflict zone in 5 days after the withdrawal of the military forces.

- To create a security area in the south-east of Ukraine.

- To respect legitimate rights of Donbas’s citizens.

- To resolve frontier problems by agreement with the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR).

The document named “The Package of Measures” was signed by Heidi Tagliavini (an OSCE representative), Leonid Kuchma (the second President of independent Ukraine), Mikhail Zurabov (the Ambassador of Russia to Ukraine), Alexander Zakharchenko (the DPR Head) and Igor Plotnitsky (the LPR Head).

“The Norman four” hope that the parties to conflict would show restraint before the final cease-fire, stated the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Minsk meeting delay was due to Kyiv’s refusal to have direct contacts with the militia men, Putin considers.

“They need these direct contacts to get a long-term agreement,” the Russian leader added.

Furthermore, Putin stated he had agreed with Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian President, to encharge military experts with setting the actual state of things at Debaltsevo.

“The Ukrainian government supposes there’s no a blockade at Debaltsevo, and everything will be okay. I doubt it. If such a blockade exists it’s logical that those who are inside will try to escape, and those who are outside will try to create a window to withdraw the military forces,” said Putin.

“In response to the government aggression the militia men went on the offensive and blockaded a group of 6,000-8,000 people,” explained the Russian leader.

The militia men expect the government to cease fire and end resistance, said Putin, appealing the both parties to show restraint.

Poroshenko in his turn claimed that the negotiations in the Norman format were tense and the Ukrainian representatives were given ultimata. “It was hard and we were given some unacceptable terms. We didn’t follow the ultimata and expressed our stance - fire should be ceased without any preconditions,” said the Ukrainian President.

Text and pictures by TASS