NATO appreciates Kazakhstani peacekeepers training - Ministry of Defense

<p>NATO experts appreciate peacekeeping preparations of the Kazakhstani KAZBRIG Training Center, informs the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan.</p>

<p>According to the Ministry report, earlier in Astana there were finished negotiations between NATO representatives and structural units of the Kazakhstani Ministry of Defense within the framework of the cooperation program “The process of forecasting and analysis”.</p>

<p>“Having examined the work carried out by the Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan in the framework of this program, NATO experts appreciated the KAZBRIG peacekeeping training, as well as the language and peacekeeping training of the Kazakhstani Armed Forces and partner countries,” says the report.</p>

<p>It is planned that Kazakhstani soldiers will arrange a reciprocal visit to the NATO headquarters in Brussels.</p>

<p>According to the Defense Ministry, Kazakhstan participates in the program “The process of forecasting and analysis” since 2002. This program is aimed at examining different countries capabilities for training, exercises and operations at the international level, including peacekeeping operations.</p>

<p>The Kazakhstani Ministry of Defense has 33 objectives within the framework of this program. Among them is training and equipping of the peacekeeping contingent according to NATO standards, language training of military personnel, staff officers training, conducting combined operations in urban settings, and managing crisis situations.</p>
<p>Text by IA Novosti-Kazakhstan</p>
<p>Pictures by vdvloknya.ucoz</p>