Moscow urges Kyiv to investigate tragedy in Konstantinovka and punish those responsible


Moscow urges Ukrainian authorities to “conduct a thorough investigation into the tragedy in Konstantinovka and punish those responsible, instead of “looking for the enemies” in people’s anger.” It was stated on Tuesday by the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the tragic accident in Ukraine.

“This accident caused a logical indignation of citizens who had met an inappropriate behavior of the Ukrainian military men who were moving uncontrollably on heavy armored vehicles, according to eyewitnesses, drunk. A spontaneous protest of local residents was harshly suppressed by the police and the armed forces, who immediately tried “to blame” some instigators and “separatists” for people’s indignation. Moreover, Advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that local police received permission to shoot at citizens in case of mass clashes,” inform the comments.

“We urge Ukrainian authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the tragedy in Konstantinovka and punish those responsible, instead of “looking for the enemies” in people’s anger,” highlighted the Russian Foreign Ministry.

What happened in Konstantinovka

Konstantinovka is controlled by the Ukrainian security forces. On March 16 in a traffic accident that involved a BMD infantry fighting vehicle a 8-year-old girl died, two more people, a woman and a child, were injured and taken to hospital.

According to the Office of Internal Affairs in the Donetsk region, the accident caused great public interest. Thus, locals set fire to tires in the hostel, where the Ukrainian security forces live, and broke the glass in the building. At the scene about 30 people overturned a police car during a meeting. The police detained four military men who had committed the traffic accident, and took them to Kramatorsk.

Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs Advisor Anton Gerashchenko said that in case of public commotions the police of Konstantinovka of the Donetsk region could shoot to kill: “If an armed person in Kostyantynivka opposes the laws of the Ukrainian authorities, using the accident as a reason for mass clashes, we will fire a warning shot, and then we’ll shoot to kill.”

Later, the media reported that the residents of Konstantinovka gathered for a meeting demanding that the security forces leave the city. People complained that the Ukrainian military men were often seen in the city in a drunken state and claimed that the accident had occurred because the BMD driver was in a state of intoxication.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry confirmed that the driver was drunk. It also reported that “two military men have already been arrested and they are suspected of committing the crime, and the commander of their division has been suspended from duty.”

The Military Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation into the case, stated the Ministry, stressing that the investigation would be conducted as soon as possible and would be “objective and impartial.”

Text and pictures by TASS