Mikhail Prokhorov proposed to liquidate “Civic Platform”


The “Civic Platform” founder Mikhail Prokhorov proposed to liquidate the Party or change its name. Explaining his decision, he referred to the “Anti-Maidan” scandal and the proposal to exclude a musician Andrey Makarevich. According to him, the proposal to exclude Makarevich discredits the “Civic Platform”.

“We should oppose a meaningless political project to maintain our reputation and success,” said Prokhorov at the meeting. At the same time, the businessman informed that he and all the governing bodies were going to leave the Party. “I will write a request for the termination of membership in all the “Civil Platform” bodies,” Prokhorov stated.

Referring to the specific question (about his leaving the party) posed by Rifat Shaykhutdinov, the businessman said: “Finally you’ve understood me correctly.”

Prokhorov told RBC that “he sees no sense in participating in politics in the situation when it [the politics] does not exist in the country.” He specified that he had made the final decision to leave the Party when the “Civic Platform” took part in the “Anti-Maidan” and “betrayed Makarevich.”

Besides, Makarevich, Alexander Lyubimov, Irina Prokhorova, Leonid Yarmolnik, Mikhail Barshchevsky, Stanislav Kucher, Elizaveta Glinka, Solomon Ginsburg announced they were leaving the Party.

Only two members of the Federal Civil Committee and the Federal Political Committee stayed at the “Civic Platform”; they are Shaykhutdinov and Sergey Militsky.

Earlier on Friday the Federal Political Committee of the “Civic Platform” voted for dismissal of its Chairman Rifat Shaykhutdinov. The issue of his dismissal was raised at the extraordinary meeting of the Party Federal Civil Committee, in connection with which there was convened a meeting of the Party Political Committee (the permanent governing body), which dismissed Shaykhutdinov by a majority vote (six versus two).

On February 24 Prokhorov criticized the “Civic Platform” for its participation in the “Anti-Maidan”. Then he demanded to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Civil Committee and stated that participation in such actions “has little to do with the ideology of the “Civic Platform”, which was originally the Party’s basis, bringing together millions of people.”

The proposal to exclude Makarevich from the Party came from the Novosibirsk regional branch of the political organization. Its resolution stated that Makarevich’s statements and actions “damage the Party’s reputation and image and significantly reduce its electoral potential.” Later, in an interview with RBC Makarevich stated he was ready to leave the Party, as it had undermined its reputation by participating in the “Anti-Maidan” action,” says the well-known musician.

The opinions of Prokhorov and the current Party leaders diverged a year ago in connection with the situation in Ukraine. The “Civic Platform” supported the annexation of the Crimea to Russia, but some regional organizations opposed Makarevich’s pro-Ukrainian position. Shaykhutdinov repeatedly told RBC that Irina Prokhorova and Makarevich’s participation in anti-war meetings of the non-systemic opposition contradicted the liberal course of the “Civic Platform”. Misunderstandings were aggravated by the Party’s participation in the “Anti-Maidan”.

Text by RBC

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