Lukashevich: enhancing NATO forces capacity in Eastern Europe is unprecedented and dangerous step


Placing NATO military hardware in the territory of Romania will violate the agreements between the Russian Federation and the Alliance, stressed the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Enhancing NATO forces capacity in Eastern Europe is an unprecedented and dangerous step that violates the agreement of the Russian Federation with the Alliance. This was stated by Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich, commenting on Romania’s willingness to place NATO military hardware in its territory.

“Enhancing NATO forces capacity on the eastern flank, or as we call it now, in “front line states” is an unprecedented and dangerous step, which violates every imaginable and unimaginable agreements, and what is most important, it breaks the Russia-NATO Founding Act, which is still in force,” said Lukashevich.

He recalled that, according to this document, “the parties are obliged not to build up weapons and military hardware, so-called substantial combat forces, in excess.” The diplomat noted they failed to clarify what the term “substantial combat forces” meant, although Russia insisted on this statement clarification.

“Without clarity on this statement, if the Romanian government considers it possible to enhance NATO presence in its territory, including through the creation of such a powerful “armed fist”, it’s a must to realize the responsibility and consequences of such a step for the region security,” admitted Lukashevich.

“We have repeatedly stressed that the principle of mutual restraint should take place in this case,” said the diplomat. “If it corresponds to reality, one should take into account that the Russian Federation reserves the right to develop its military plans bearing in mind that significant factor,” concluded the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Text and pictures by TASS