Lukashenko: New sinister conflict looms up in the world


At the 70th session of the UN General Assembly, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said about a new sinister conflict that looms up in the world and about family traditions.

The Belarusian leader noted in his speech that the world now faces new threats and military conflicts. According to him, there is unprecedented tension in international relations and the international security system is going through a serious crisis.

Lukashenko believes that due to external intervention, export of

"color" revolutions

and artificial regime change under the guise of democracy, some countries have plunged into chaos and anarchy.

“Instead of democracy and prosperity, people in these countries experience terrible anguish and then escape. Crowds of migrants are storming Europe today. And it has also become an acute international problem. The actions of one country directly affect the interests of others. Invulnerable countries no longer exist,” stated Lukashenko.

Economic threats also affect the stability in the world. In Lukashenko’s viewpoint, currency wars, sanctions, and commodity markets division exacerbate the global crisis. The President of Belarus proposed to solve all these problems with the help of integrations. He reminded of the European Union, the Eurasian Economic Union, the Silk Road, the Free Trade Agreement and stressed that if people avoid confrontation of these models, they can get a "global integration structure."

He also harshly criticized "social innovation".

“In recent years, we have heard calls for maximum freedom in several countries, and these calls are subjected to test the basic principles and traditions of the human society - family, morality and ethics. Such social ideas may lead to a new split among different cultures and beget rigid religious opposition, ethnic conflicts. Do so-called social innovators mull over the consequences of their words and actions?” wondered Lukashenko.

He assumes that now in some countries traditional families are being destructed.

“Especially I detest when we are asked to accept certain deviations from the norms of morality and accept various social trends. As I ask in such cases, who are going to give birth to children?” the President admitted.

Lukashenko stressed that anarchy, uncontrolled crime, and violence will not take place in Belarus.

The President appealed to the UN with a proposal to use the Belarusian experience in solving such problems as Chernobyl and human trafficking.

“A ghost of a sinister conflict or, perhaps, a war is looming up in the world,” Lukashenko concluded.

The President admitted that Belarus has no ready-made recipes to solve all these problems, but, in his opinion, the answer lies “in those ideas that were proposed by the United Nations founders 70 years ago, and first of all it is unconditional condemnation of violence.”

He called everyone to put an end to wars and conflicts.

Text by TUT.BY

Pictures by Reuters