Latvian Ambassador for Eastern Partnership: Lukashenko should make a choice


According to Ambassador Yuris Poykans, it is difficult to answer the question whether Lukashenko should take part in the summit in Riga. He said that in an interview with “Radio Liberty”.

Latvian Ambassador recalled that relations between Belarus and the European Union had been difficult over the last 20 years. He stressed that, perhaps, the reason for that was different understanding of human rights importance.

“Belarus played a very important role when it was necessary to seek a solution to the crisis in the eastern part of Ukraine. Minsk was a platform for negotiations, and we noted that Belarus showed interest in the negotiations and in deepening relations with the European Union,” said Poykans.

According to Poykans, it is difficult to talk about the EU’s relations with the country in the heart of Europe, which still has political prisoners.

“Lukashenko and the Belarusian government should decide whether they want to move forward with us. Indeed, the ball is on the Belarusian side of the field now,” stated the diplomat.

Poykans does not believe that the summit in Riga will be the last one of the Eastern Partnership: “If we consider the main goal of the Eastern Partnership, it is the creation of a zone of stability, prosperity and security. I think the objective and strategy are far from implemented.”

The Ambassador is convinced that for Armenia, Belarus and Azerbaijan, which have not signed the Association Agreement yet, the EU will be of interest as the greatest economic bloc in the world.

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