Kazakhstan to start democratization after economic reforms completion - Nazarbayev


Several major steps towards democratization will be taken in Kazakhstan after the economic reforms are implemented; it is envisaged in the electoral program of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is running for president of the republic.

According to Nazarbayev`s electoral program, the experience of many countries shows that the violation of the principle "first - strong state and economy, then - politics" leads to a disaster, "splits" the society.

"So, now it is important to complete the institutional reforms in the spheres of public administration and economic development, and only then take a number of major steps towards democratization," says the program, published by the official media on Tuesday.

At the same time, Nazarbayev believes that it is appropriate to conduct reforms according to the formula "4 + 1".

"This is the track all the successful states kept. I note that this kind of order is the only way to modernize the state without the threat of political destabilization," emphasizes the candidate.

In his opinion, Kazakhstan should strengthen the practice of accountability of the heads of the government agencies.

It is also necessary to ensure the transparency of decision-making. Citizens should be actively involved in the decision-making process via the mechanism of the "open government".

"It will be based on a new law on the access to public information, which is to be developed and adopted. It is important to strengthen the role of the community councils under the government agencies and akims (the head of a local government in Kazakhstan – ed.)," the document states.

Furthermore, we should introduce civil budgeting, in other words, the civil society should take part in allocation of funds in the regions.

"It is important to strengthen the system of appeal. The law should provide for bigger opportunities for citizens to appeal against the actions of civil servants. It is about establishing the system of administrative justice.

It is necessary to introduce the system of self-regulation of the society. It is necessary to reduce the responsibilities of the state agencies, delegating the power to the civil society institutions," states the document.

It is expected that as positive results are achieved in all these areas, it will be possible to address the issue of the new system of electing local executive bodies.

"Step by step, we will be conducting a constitutional reform, which implies the redistribution of power between the president, the parliament and the government, taking into account our peculiarities and traditions," said Nazarbayev.

Text and pictures by IA Novosti-Kazakhstan

Pictures by nazarbaev.kz